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Savitar 2.0 alpha testing


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Savitar is currently in alpha test. Please register as a user of this forum and  reach out here if you'd like to be a tester of the latest build.

Here's the roadmap:

Start of alpha

√ App is 64bit only, runs on macOS 10.12 and later, including Catalina
√ App is integrated with AppCenter, handles crash reporting and basic analytics
√ Reading Sav 1.x world settings, opening sessions
√ Integrated WKWebView as the output pane
√ Rewrite Aha (ANSI to HTML parser)
√ World settings Appearance tab is operational
√ Output triggers are working
√ Input macro hotkeys are supported
√ Load Sav 1.x app settings (includes triggers)
√ Load Sav 1.x world triggers
√ Transition over to using ReSwift (break-out extensions of classes/structs as needed)
√ Implement input pane command recall
√ New world onboarding
√ Implement Continuous Speech (using new AVSpeechSynthesizer)
_ Implement the start of local commands, ##history
_ Implement sticky commands
_ Handle left-arrow, right-arrow, ctrl-a, ctrl-c, and bell input
√ Implement audio cue triggers
√ Implement reply triggers
√ Implement input triggers
_ Implement input trigger variables
_ Implement next gen startup commands (trigger based)
√ Implement Trigger Matching tab view
√ Implement Trigger Appearance tab view
√ Implement Trigger Audio Cue tab view
√ Implement Trigger Reply tab view
√ Implement Macro editor
_ Implement World settings Starting tab
√ Connect/disconnect session handling
_ Implement remaining World settings tabs
_ Implement remaining local commands
_ Implement scroll locking
_ Menubar finalized
√ Text Editing menu items finalized
_ Add check for updates support (Sparkle?)
_ Add bug reporting support
_ Release alpha to select testers, start geting feedback
_ Address key things found in alpha test


Start of beta
_ Move github repo to public
_ Start promoting the beta test
_ Find/Find Next supported
√ Logging support
_ Printing supported
_ Enhanced analytics
_ ANSI Color Settings window implemented
_ Macro Clicker
_ xch_cmd support
_ MCP (? does anyone use this?)
_ File upload
_ Divider status bar support
_ Polish, address beta test issues

Post first release

These features take Savitar 2.0 beyond what 1.6.x provides:

_ SSL support
_ Dark Mode support
_ Text to emoji support
_ Javascript scripting?
_ ???

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