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Huh.... so have I been playing...


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Soooo..... I've been a really bad tester.  

At the end of last year, I  upgraded from my 2010 Mac Pro to a modern 2021 MacPro Laptop (yay!) and have been working my way through apps to figure out what's still working and what needs to be upgraded or swapped out, which fonts that worked fine before and look wrong now, et al. Throw in complications from the upgrade to Monterey.  I know, I know... First world problems!

But the consequence is that I've been only lightly using Savitar and then mostly as a chat client within games. I haven't been actively playing because I can't get the hotkey macros to work.  For example, I prefer to use the  keypad to travel north/south/east/et al.  The macros are assigned to KP1, et al all... but I'm still just getting the numbers or no response at all when I press the keypad.    In all honesty, I'm not sure that it's not working because of the laptop or because I'm still using my old keyboard or because of the upgrade to Monterey or if it just wasn't working.    

So, should the keypad bound macros be working?

Is there anything in particular you'd like tested -- especially on modern hardware with the latest OS?

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